Top 5 Hoist Safety Upgrades

Andrew T. Litecky4/ 1/22

What are the Top 5 improvements to your hoists and overhead cranes that make a big safety impact? Read this post for simple solutions that extend the life of your equipment and keep operators happy!

Can you remove hoist-mounted controls and remotely mount the same controls?

Andrew T. Litecky12/21/21

Can you remove hoist-mounted controls and remotely mount the same controls? Yes, but keep these key points in mind. Read this Hoist Guy's Blog post to learn more!

Hoist Overload Devices vs. Thermal Overload Protection - What's the difference?

Andrew T. Litecky3/ 1/21

What is the difference between hoist overload devices and hoist thermal overload protection? Read the Hoist Guy's blog post to learn more.

Do you need a manual, electric or air-powered hoist? FAQ's

Andrew T. Litecky1/ 1/21

Welcome to The Hoist Guy's Blog, where our resident Hoist Guy Andrew T. Litecky shares his knowledge and experience of many years in the overhead material handling industry, this time with a little hoist FAQ session. Manual, Electric & Air-Powered Hoists What type of hoist is best for your uses from manual, electric or air-powered?...

The Hoist Guy's Top 5 Rules of Hoisting

Andrew T. Litecky10/ 1/20

What are the Top 5 Rules of Hoisting? Read this list for the top things to know about purchasing and maintaining a hoist.

Top Hoist Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid

Andrew T. Litecky10/ 1/19

When it comes to buying a hoist, cutting corner to save a few bucks can come back to haunt you. Avoid these "penny wise, pound foolish" mistakes to get the best equipment for your money.

Hazardous Location Specs Can Never Be Optional

Andrew T. Litecky4/ 1/19

Do you need a hoist for a hazardous location? The NEC lists exact conditions, and the specs are never optional.

Hoist Breakdown Prevention and Planning

Andrew T. Litecky1/ 1/19

Would you be prepared for a hoist breakdown in your production space? Read our post on strategies for prevention and planning for a hoist breakdown.

When Safety Standards Demand Dual Redundant Hoist Brakes

Andrew T. Litecky1/ 1/18

A customer recently asked us: What's the difference between hoists with two brakes versus hoists with only a single motor brake? Read this post to learn more about dual redundant hoist brakes.

Why Not Just Anyone Should Fix Your Hoist

Andrew T. Litecky6/ 1/17

Shupper-Brickle uses investigative mechanics to fix a Coffing EC3 electric chain hoist and uncovers the case for using certified hoist technicians.

What's Killing My Wire Rope? An investigation into wire rope failure.

Andrew T. Litecky4/ 1/17

What’s Killing My Wire Rope? Shupper-Brickle investigates the cause of wire rope failure on a twin hook monorail hoist. We'll take a look at what causes wire rope damage and how to avoid it.

Hoist & Crane Safety: What's the biggest challenge?

Shupper-Brickle Equipment Co11/23/15

From proper inspections and maintenance to training, warning labels and certifications, a lot goes into ensuring the safe operation of overhead cranes and hoists. We asked Shupper-Brickle Equipment’s Service & Safety Manager, Daniel Cahill: What’s the #1 safety issue you see in the field? Crane & Hoist Safety “The #1...