The Hoist Guy's Top 5 Rules of Hoisting

The Hoist Guy's Top 5 Rules of Hoisting

Andrew T. Litecky10/ 1/20

Welcome to The Hoist Guy's Blog, where our resident Hoist Guy Andrew T. Litecky shares tips for hoist operation, maintenance and repair from his knowledge and experience of many years in the overhead material handling industry. Check out his #HoistGuyLists as well more  #Purchasing Help and interesting #CustomSolutions for overhead lifting.

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What are the Top 5 Rules of Hoisting? Read this list for the top things to know about purchasing, operating, maintaining and repairing a hoist.

5) What goes down, must come up. Make sure you use plenty of chain lubricant so that your chain or wire rope are running smoothly.

4) Maintain your equipment.  Imagine driving your car until it stops, and then fixing it. This is what some people do with their hoists. Make a preventative maintenance plan and make sure OSHA Inspections are conducted regularly.

3) Protect your hoisting equipment. If you leave your hoist outside and uncovered, it’s going to rust. If your hoist is intended for permanent outdoor use, increase the lifespan of your equipment and reduce the need for repairs by making sure that it’s covered or sheltered.

2) Load Limiter, load limiter, load limiter. There’s a reason that hoists are marked with capacities, and yet there’s always someone who wants to push the envelope. Do yourself and your employees a favor by using a load limiter to protect your hoisting equipment and operators against dangerous overloads.

1) Always… Always hit the “up” button first.  Three-phase electric hoist motors, connected for the first time, can either run forward or backward. If your new electric hoist is reverse-phased, hitting the up button will cause the hook block to travel down. If this happens, throw the disconnect and reverse two of the phases (at the disconnect), and this will make the hoist operate in the correct direction. Never rewire the Push Button Station.

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