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Power your bridge crane with Shupper-Brickle Equipment and an industrial cable reel. Cable reels are drums that store and release wound power cables used to run overhead cranes or hoists as needed. We offer both spring-driven and motorized cable reels. They can be used to provide electricity in tough and demanding applications, indoor and outdoor environments, explosion proof applications, monorails with lighter capacity hoists and below the hook devices. Other electrification options include festoons and conductor bars. Shop our bridge crane cable reels online and request a free quote or contact us for a custom solution. We’ve provided the best value in industrial crane equipment and accessories, comprehensive crane services and expert engineering since 1969.

Browse our selection of industrial crane cable reels using the links below. Don't see the electrification system you need for your bridge crane or monorail? Call us at 1-800-642-7263 to speak with one of our experienced sales engineers. We’ll help you find the right electrification system to power your overhead lifting needs.