When Safety Standards Demand Dual Redundant Hoist Brakes

Andrew T. Litecky1/ 1/18

A customer recently asked us: What's the difference between hoists with two brakes versus hoists with only a single motor brake? Read this post to learn more about dual redundant hoist brakes.

Why Not Just Anyone Should Fix Your Hoist

Andrew T. Litecky6/ 1/17

Shupper-Brickle uses investigative mechanics to fix a Coffing EC3 electric chain hoist and uncovers the case for using certified hoist technicians.

Bridge Cranes Engineered for Small Spaces by Shupper-Brickle

Andrew T. Litecky2/ 1/17

Can bridge cranes be engineered for small spaces? Shupper-Brickle custom engineers bridge cranes to spec -- even if the right size is a tight spot. In this post, we tackle an overhead material handling challenge in bridge crane engineering.