Top 5 Hoist Safety Upgrades

Top 5 Hoist Safety Upgrades

Andrew T. Litecky4/ 1/22
Welcome to The Hoist Guy's Blog, where our resident hoist guy, Andrew T. Litecky, shares his industry knowledge and experience. Today we’ll share some upgrade tips that can improve safety and extend the life of your hoists.

Maximize Workplace Safety with 5 Hoist & Crane Improvements

What are the Top 5 improvements to your hoists and overhead cranes that make a big safety impact? Read this post for simple solutions that extend the life of your lifting equipment and keep operators happy!

1)  Overload Device

Whether your hoist is manual, electric or air powered, an overload device protects equipment and the operator against dangerous overloads. An overload device is standard on hoists such as Harrington’s model CB, CM’s Cyclone line and All Material Handling’s MA models.


2)  Motor Thermal Protection

For electric hoists, a Klix-on imbedded in the motor winding of a hoist, trolley or bridge motor is an inexpensive way to be sure that the heat generated by heavy use does not cause the motor to get damaged. Check with Shupper-Brickle when ordering the equipment to find a hoist where this feature is standard.


3) Trolley Travel Limit Switches

When using a powered trolley-mounted hoist on a bridge crane, the operator does not always know when the trolley or bridge comes to the end of travel.  Should the operator continue to move the unit forward, the powered wheels will grind against the end stop and cause premature wear to both the track and wheels. A trolley or bridge mounted travel limit switch will prevent this problem. This feature can be added to a bridge crane or trolley system at any time, on either electric or air powered systems.

4) Wireless Remote Radio

 Standing away from a load being lifted and lowered can be a real plus when operator safety is at risk.  The standard solution for hoist control, a pendant station, requires the operator to be nearby the hoist, trolley or bridge. And in a confined space or with a dangerous load, this increases the risk of injury. To lower the risk and for the comfort of the operator, a wireless remote is an easy upgrade to most existing systems. 

5) Variable Frequency Drive

For an electric hoist, trolley and bridge, variable speed is a favorite solution for picking and placing the load with precision to avoid damage to the load or equipment. A big advantage to the VFD is that it is field programmable for speed in accelerating or decelerating. A VFD can be added to most existing systems. 

Bonus Tip: Hoist Shelters for Outside Hoists

For manual, electric or air powered monorail or fixed position hoists, the outside weather can be a harsh challenge, sometimes leading to premature failure.  Parking a hoist under a Hoist Shelter will protect it from UV rays, condensation, rain, ice, and snow.  The hoist will be easily accessible to use and then just as easily parked safely away. 

Upgrade Safety & Your Lifting System with Shupper-Brickle

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