Overhead Crane Installation

Turn-Key Installation of Overhead Bridge Cranes, Runways, Monorails & All Lifting Equipment

Shupper-Brickle Equipment offers turn-key installation of overhead cranes, runways and monorails throughout the Mid-Atlantic region, including New Jersey the Greater New York City area, the Greater Philadelphia areaDelaware, and Eastern Maryland.

Contact us for a free quotation on crane installation. We install overhead cranes in both new and existing facilities, and we can recommend equipment to best meet your production needs, budget and timeline.

We also install hoists, jib cranes and workstation cranes. Meanwhile, call us for complete lifting systems and custom-engineered solutions, designed and installed.

Overhead Bridge Crane & Monorail Installation Services

Our crane and monorail installation services for New Jersey the Greater New York City area, the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware, and Eastern Maryland include:

  • Engineering Assessments– Our in-house engineering team provides capacity ratings, rail surveys and other engineering reports.
  • Turn Key Installations –Our experienced crane installers provide start-to-finish support for your overhead crane project.
  • Crane Modernization & Upgrades – For existing cranes, we provide upgrade to match new uses or production requirements.
  • Patented Track Installation – We install Patented Track for long term frequent use.

Specialty Installation Services: 

  • Installation over existing production equipment– We have experience installing cranes and monorails in existing facilities with immovable production equipment below.
  • Expedited installation schedule – Installation during your facility's scheduled down time .
  • Crane Control Upgrades – Upgrades for crane VFD's or radio controls.
  • Installation Supervisor for in-house crews – An experienced installer to oversee your in-house crew's crane installation, including electrical wiring if needed.

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Contact us for more information on overhead bridge crane services or custom-built bridge cranes.

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