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New Jersey Hoists & Cranes

Located in Clarksburg, NJ, Shupper-Brickle Equipment supplies hoists, bridge cranes, components and related services throughout the state of New Jersey. From the mountains to the shore, we offer industry experience and competitive pricing on overhead material handling products and services.

We represent a broad range of brands and types of overhead lifting equipment, plus safety products for fall protection. Need your equipment serviced? Contact us for repairs, OSHA inspections, and operator training. Our in-house engineering department specializes in custom-designed and fabricated bridge cranes and material handling systems.

We also provide industry-specific equipment and service for pharmaceutical clean rooms, foodservice operations, and explosion-proof applications, to name a few.

We provide engineering expertise and ship both equipment and parts across the country and worldwide!

We sell to end-users, resellers, engineering firms, and the public. Contact us for more information on our products and services or call 1-800-64CRANE (800-642-7263). We look forward to assisting with your material handling application.

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