Motorized Jib Crane Sales & Service FAQ's

Andrew T. Litecky2/28/23

Learn the What, Why, and How Much of buying a motorized jib crane, as well as solutions for adding motorization to a manual jib and the pros and cons of adding a VFD.

How are overhead cranes powered?

Andrew T. Litecky7/ 1/21

Electric overhead cranes, also known as bridge cranes, are typically powered by  conductor bar, festooning or a cable reel, and  there are pros and cons of each type of electrification. In certain situations, overhead cranes are powered manually by push or hand geared options or with air power.

What Crane Controls Can Do For You

Andrew T. Litecky8/ 1/18

Need to improve material handling safety and efficiency?  Learn more on how crane controls can boost your system's productivity and safety. For this case, synchronized lifting was required.