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Hoist & Crane Load Testing Service

Shupper-Brickle offers load capacity testing of hoists, bridge cranes and monorails to ensure maximum safety. We operate out of New Jersey and service the greater New York City metro, the greater Philadelphia metro, all of Delaware, New Jersey and the eastern shore of Maryland. Our experienced technicians adhere to industry standards and both ASME and OSHA requirements. Contact us for more information on Load Testing your equipment.

Our Load Testing Services

Our company offers comprehensive load capacity testing for the Mid-Atlantic Region with a testing procedure that includes the following.

  • Functional Test – Including hoisting & lowering, trolley travel, bridge travel, limit switches, locking and safety devices.
  • Overload Device Testing – Each hoist is equipped with an overload device which prevents the lifting of greater than 100% of the rated load, a load test shall be conducted to test the function of this device. (The overload device will then be disabled to test the crane and hoist at 125% of the rated load).
  • Rated Load Test – Including hoisting the test load, transporting the length of the bridge, transporting the length of the runway, and lowering the test load. Load tests are performed at up to 125% of the rated capacity.
  • Documentation – Upon successful completion, a test certificate will be issued for your records.

When is Load Testing required?

Per ANSI B30, rated load tests are required prior to initial use, when equipment is extensively repaired, or per the direction of an appointed person. Read our blog post on The Necessity of Load Testing.

    Mid-Atlantic 2024 Load Test Rates – Up to 20,000 lbs:

    Half Day (0-4 hours) : $1,990.00

    Full Day (5-8 hours) : $3,700.00

    Please note: Load tests greater than 20,000 lbs shall be quoted separately; Prices listed are minimum rates and may vary due to site conditions, location, and the equipment to be tested; Inspections and repairs must be completed prior to load capacity testing.

    Load testing is available throughout New Jersey, the greater NYC metro, the greater Philly metro, Delaware and eastern Maryland. Contact us for more information on Load Testing your equipment.

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