Fixed Ladders Require Inspections per OSHA

Andrew T. Litecky2/ 1/20

We were recently called in to inspect the fixed ladders in a manufacturing facility. The owner had been conducting the inspections in-house for several years, and they wanted to know if their work was sufficient to comply with OSHA. Unfortunately, of the 1,000+ ladders in the facility, our technicians found over 600 that did NOT meet the requirements. Had the fixed ladders been subject to a surprise OSHA inspection, they would have incurred significant fines. Or worse, the unsafe conditions could have resulted in a workplace accident.

It Is Never Okay to Overload Your Bridge Crane

Andrew T. Litecky12/ 1/17

Is it ever okay to overload your bridge crane? Shupper-Brickle takes a closer look at the hazards of this dangerous proposition.    

The Necessity of Load Testing

Andrew T. Litecky1/ 1/17

How important is it to load test an existing bridge crane? How often and when?We recently witnessed an example of the importance of this safety procedure, with a narrowly averted disaster. Learn more about when a load test is required.