The Top 10 Signs You Need to Modernize Your Bridge Crane

Andrew T. Litecky2/ 1/22

When do you need to modernize your bridge crane? Read this post and our Top 10 Signs you Need to Modernize List to learn more about the benefits of upgrading your overhead traveling crane.

Considerations When Upgrading Hoist Capacity on a Crane Beam

Andrew T. Litecky11/ 1/21

What are the main questions to ask when upgrading the capacity of a hoist on a crane beam? Read this case study to learn how we met the challenge.

Why Your Bridge Crane Needs a Trolley Travel Limit Switch

Andrew T. Litecky8/ 1/20

To ensure your bridge crane operates safely, you need a trolley travel limit switch. Read this post to learn how cost-savings and shop safety are maximized with this critical device!

CASE STUDY - Repair or Replace your Bridge Crane

Andrew T. Litecky1/ 1/20

An East Coast motor service shop was experiencing chronic problems with a production bridge crane. Shupper-Brickle Equipment was called in to assess the situation and offer potential solutions. Should the bridge crane be repaired or replaced?

Lifting Solutions for a Stone Industry Customer

Andrew T. Litecky6/ 1/19

Read our case study of lifting challenges and solutions in the granite, marble & stone industry. We help our customers find the right equipment for their operation and budget.

What Crane Controls Can Do For You

Andrew T. Litecky8/ 1/18

Need to improve material handling safety and efficiency?  Learn more on how crane controls can boost your system's productivity and safety. For this case, synchronized lifting was required.

Jib Crane Mounting Types & How They Affect Your Bottom Line

Andrew T. Litecky6/ 1/18

Think all jib cranes are the same? As this case study proves, using the right jib crane mounting style can affect your bottom line.

All About Overhead Crane Kits

Andrew T. Litecky2/ 1/18

Need an overhead crane on a budget? A crane kit can be a cost-saving solutions for customers willing to "DIY", but what's included in a kit? When do they work best? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about crane kits.

It Is Never Okay to Overload Your Bridge Crane

Andrew T. Litecky12/ 1/17

Is it ever okay to overload your bridge crane? Shupper-Brickle takes a closer look at the hazards of this dangerous proposition.    

Hazardous Location Bridge Crane for a Texas Gas Generating Facility

Andrew T. Litecky10/ 1/17

Application: Hazardous Location Bridge Crane for a Natural Gas Generating Facility in Texas. Shupper-Brickle uses creativity and ingenuity to meets specs for a hazardous location and outdoor use. 

Considerations When Upgrading a Patented Track System

Andrew T. Litecky8/ 1/17

Shupper-Brickle investigates the trade-offs in upgrading versus replacing a patented track system.

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: 20-Ton Three-Runway Crane and Side Spur

Andrew T. Litecky11/ 1/16

For this application case study, we solved the lifting challenge through a runway crane with an interlocking side spur.

The Science & Art of Overhead Crane Engineering: Looking Back on the Career of a Crane Engineer

Shupper-Brickle Equipment Co10/ 1/16

Shupper-Brickle interviews a crane engineer about the highlights of his career and his advice for the next generation of engineers.

CASE STUDY - Javelin Crane with Low-Headroom Hoist

Andrew T. Litecky8/ 7/14

A customer needed to move equipment from the ground level exterior to the interior, third floor operating space of their facility. This level was accessed through an overhead, roll-up door that, per the customer’s constraints, could not be modified or replaced.