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Outdoor Hoisting Equipment Shelter

Surprisingly, one of the most difficult duties for a hoist to endure is not usage, but is actually being left outdoors. Ice, snow, rain and condensation can take a toll on a hoist, causing electrical components to short circuit and motors, limit switches, pendants and control enclosures to fill with water and corrode. Worse yet, it’s often full of water and not operational when you need it most. Not only does this cause delays but it’s extremely hard on your equipment. 

Protect your outdoor hoisting equipment with Shupper-Brickle’s outdoor hoist shelter. Our custom-built hoist shelters will protect your outdoor hoisting equipment from the elements, reducing downtime and extending the life of your hoist.

Outdoor Hoist Shelter Benefits 

Our outdoor hoist shelters provide an economical and effective way to protect an outside hoist from the negative effects of the weather. Benefits include:

  • Protection from precipitation and sunlight that leads to condensation inside the hoist
  • Galvanized steel roof and UV-resistant PVC siding provide a durable, lasting cover
  • Cost savings on replacement and maintenance services for the lifetime of the hoist
  • Use in addition to weather-proof coating on the hoist for especially corrosive environments
  • Add years of life to an outdoor hoist

Outdoor Hoist Shelters for Sale

Contact Shupper-Brickle Equipment for a shelter to protect your outdoor hoisting equipment. All hoist shelters are custom-built for the hoist they protect, and the cost depends on the size of the hoist.

Read our blog post on the costs saved by Hoist Shelters or get this free Hoist Shelter specification. Contact us for more information or your free quotation on a Hoist Shelter. With 50 years’ experience, we know hoists! See more of our custom-engineered overhead lifting products or check out our Hoist Guy’s Blog.