Repair Your Yale KAL Motor with our New KAL Replacement Motor and Adapter Kit

Repair Your Yale KAL Motor with our New KAL Replacement Motor and Adapter Kit

Andrew T. Litecky6/ 1/20

Does your plant have a Yale Hoists model KAL air chain hoist? You probably know that this hoist is no longer manufactured and finding replacement parts for repair can be tricky. To address market demand, Shupper-Brickle Equipment now offers a solution for replacing the air motor on Yale KAL units: our replacement motor and adapter kit.

Yale KAL Air Chain Hoists

The Yale KAL was built in Forrest City, Arkansas from 1977-1997. During that twenty-year period, Yale built hundreds of these air chain hoists, both with standard and spark resistant features. The KAL model was widely purchased thanks to excellent brand name recognition and a strong distribution network. Further, this American-made hoist was manufactured to be durable, versatile, and easy to disassemble and repair.

When Columbus McKinnon acquired Yale Hoists in 1997, the Arkansas factory closed, and the model KAL was obsoleted. However, due to superior durability, numerous KAL air chain hoists are still in use today throughout the country.

Yale KAL Air Hoist Repair  

While some KAL replacement parts can still be found in the marketplace, a broken air motor can put this hoist out of commission. The original motor, built for Yale by Gast, was custom face-mounted with a special splined shaft extension. At present, neither Columbus McKinnon nor Gast offers a replacement for this part.

Introducing The KAL Motor & Adapter Kit 

To meet customer requests to repair their KAL air chain hoists instead of buying costly replacement hoists, Shupper-Brickle developed the KAL Motor & Adapter kit. The kit allows a new Gast air motor to be used on the discontinued Yale KAL air chain hoist.

The KAL Motor & Adapter Kit includes a flange which bolts to the air hoist body and a spline shaft extension which converts a keyed shaft to a spline shaft. This allows a Gast vain type air motor, now built with an aluminum housing, to bolt to the flanged adapter.

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