Motorized Jib Crane Sales & Service FAQ's

Motorized Jib Crane Sales & Service FAQ's

Andrew T. Litecky2/28/23

Welcome to the Hoist Guy’s Blog! Where our resident Hoist Guy, Andrew T. Litecky, shares his years of experience in the overhead material handling industry to answer some FAQs on motorized Jib Cranes.

Frequently Asked Questions when Purchasing a Motorized Jib Crane

Purchasing a motorized jib crane is easy with help from Shupper-Brickle Equipment. Read on for answers to the most common questions our crane sales and service department gets asked about purchasing a motorized jib crane or retrofitting an existing jib crane for motorization.

What is a Motorized Jib Crane?

 A motorized jib crane is a base-mounted or freestanding jib crane that includes a gear motor to drive the rotation of the jib’s boom, either in a complete 360-degree circle or in a partial arc. By comparison, a manual jib crane rotates the jib by the manual force of pushing or pulling either the load, the empty hoist hook, a rope or an added rotation handle. All jibs provide load coverage in the donut-shaped area around the mast, along the length of the beam to its end stop.

Why buy a Motorized Jib Crane?

 A motorized jib provides a means of safely controlling the rotation of the load in an area where obstructions restrict an operator’s movement, or when the load is inaccessible, like the edge of a rooftop.

What types of Jib Cranes can be motorized?

Motorization is available in base mounted jibs, column mounted jibs and Mast Type Jibs, Foundationless Jibs (bolted to reinforced concrete), and Portable Base Jibs, where the baseplate is secured to a movable counterweight. Read our blog post on Jib Crane Mounting Types  to learn more.

How is power supplied to a motorized jib crane?

 Power is supplied to a motorized jib crane for full rotation by a collector ring, either top entry or bottom entry. For motorized jibs that turn less than 360 degrees, a coiled cord or plain SO cord can supply the power.

How much does motorizing the jib crane add to the cost?

Motorized rotation adds approximately 25 - 30% to the cost of the jib crane.

What are the common controls for motorized jib cranes?

A motorized jib crane is controlled by a pendant or radio remote control. The trolley and the hoist can also be motorized and controlled from the same pendant or wireless remote.

Can you retrofit an existing jib crane to motorize it?

Yes, Retrofit Drive Units for motorized rotation are available to upgrade an existing base mounted jib crane. Contact our crane sales and service department about upgrading your jib grade with a Retrofit Drive Unit with turn-key installation.

What difference is made by adding a VFD to a motorized jib?

A VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) gives the rotation variable or adjustable speed, or two speeds with a soft start.  The down side is the electronics of the VFD make it susceptible to failure in very hot or very cold weather. Alternatively, a reversing contactor has single speed with a very quick start, but it better withstands temperature extremes.  The contactor is the more economical option. 

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Shupper-Brickle Equipment provides sales and service for all types of jib cranes, hoists and a variety of control options. Contact us for Spanco Jib Cranes and Gorbel Jib Cranes, as part of our wide brand portfolio. Our experienced technicians provide installation and repair solutions for all types of jib cranes. Contact us to learn more.

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