Lifting Solutions for a Stone Industry Customer

Lifting Solutions for a Stone Industry Customer

Andrew T. Litecky6/ 1/19

Welcome to The Hoist Guy's Blog, where our resident Hoist Guy, Andrew T. Litecky, shares his knowledge and experience of many years in the overhead material handling industryHere he shares how we solved a challenging overhead material handling problem for a customer in the stone and granite industry.

Lifting Challenges faced by Stone & Granite Industry

With the growing demand for granite, marble, and stone, this industry has expanded and so has the need for efficient stone processing. We were recently contacted by a stone industry customer who faced a variety of challenges in his workspace.

Challenge: Getting rid of the forklifts
Solution: Workstation Crane & Hoist

This customer’s stone storage space was reduced by the forklift aisles. To remove the need for a forklift, we installed a workstation crane and hoist. The crane could move throughout the space to pick up a granite, stone or marble slab, and now, only a walking aisle was required.

Challenge: An older building with lower ceilings
Solution: Double-Girder Workstation with Nested Trolley

The customer needed to pick up 6’ slabs and move them over all the other slabs stored in the room. To work in this tight space, we recommended a double-girder workstation crane with a nested trolley. This configuration allowed the crane to operate in a limited space.

Challenge: Wet work area around the water jet stone cutting operation
Solution: Stainless Steel Base

To accommodate the customer’s wet operating area that would undoubtedly rust steel beams, we created a 12” stainless steel base for each leg of the floor-based workstation.

Challenge: Ceiling obstructions and an irregularly shaped building
SolutionCreative Thinking & Crane Placement

We worked with this customer to determine the best location for the lifting system. It’s true that often ceiling obstructions must be removed. But a little creative thinking helped fit the system around and in the existing space.

Challenge: A multi-year budgeting plan
Solution: Multi-Year Installation Plan

We accommodated this customer by designing a system that could be installed in phases. Within the first year, we added the first 20' section of the runway of a workstation crane in their production area, in the second year we connected the second 20' section, and in the third year we added a crane system to their storage room.

Overhead Lifting & Material Handling Solutions for Granite, Marble & Stone Industry

With over 50 years in the business, we know overhead material handling! Contact us for questions or quotes for the granite marble, & stone industry. Or read more of the Hoist Guy’s hoist purchasing recommendations on Hoist Breakdown Prevention and Planning and Top Hoist Purchasing Mistakes to Avoid.

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