Granite, Marble & Stone Industry Overhead Lifting

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Shupper-Brickle Equipment

Overhead Lifting for Stone & Granite

Shupper-Brickle Equipment provides overhead material handling and lifting equipment to the granite, marble, and stone industry. We offer a variety of application specific equipment and complete lifting systems to maximize safety and budgetary plans, as well as turn-key installation, repairs and custom-engineered solutions.

Safe & Efficient Solutions for Lifting Stone & Granite Slabs

Moving and storing stone and granite slabs is no easy task, but the job can be made safer and more efficient with the help of overhead lifting equipment. Here are some FAQ's about adding a crane system to your granite or stone facility:

Why switch from a forklift to a crane for moving raw materials?

• Forklifts require aisle space – When space is limited, every foot counts. If your facility is already maxed out, the space needed to drive a forklift could contain valuable inventory.

• Forklifts require a second operator – While an employee prepares to receive the materials at the workstation, another employees lowers them on the forklift. However, overhead lifting solutions can radically change your personnel needs by allowing your station operator to pick and move the materials without help.

• Forklifts damage raw materials – Whether the operator is new or seasoned, forklifts require precision. This balancing act is eliminated with an overhead lifting solution.

What are the options for overhead lifting?

Gantry Crane – Overhead lifting from a floor-based structure on wheels.
Pros: Cost effective, lightweight & portable, available in a variety of capacities, spans, and heights.
Cons: Requires floor space, cannot move the structure while loaded – it’s designed to be put into position and then loaded to move material side to side or up and down.

Workstation Crane – Overhead lifting for up to 2 Tons in a fixed area.
Pros: Free standing column options or ceiling supported. Capacities from ½ to 2 Tons. Designed for powered up and down motion with push trolley and bridge. Flexible, customized designs. Easy installation and relocation.
Cons: Limited to 2 Ton capacity, options for a powered trolley and bridge are available but expensive.

Overhead Bridge Crane – Overhead lifting on a dedicated beam built into the building’s support structure.
Pros: Unlimited capacities, spans, and special designs, pendant radio controlled, X-Y-Z powered motions, either on freestanding columns or building supported.
Cons: Largest investment required, installation is permanent.

Vacuum Lifting Attachments –Additional below the hook device to make lifting even easier.
Pros: Easy operation, Lift and tilt with self-contained vacuum generator or plant air, movable vacuum cups.
Cons: Adds to initial cost of system.

Can I install a crane system if I have ceiling or floor-based obstructions?

If you’re operating in an existing building, you likely have ceiling obstructions such as duct work or lighting. Your facility might have irregularly shaped rooms or tight spaces. We can accommodate obstructions and/or low headroom requirements in the initial design of the system, often using factory standard equipment. Read our Hoist Guy's Blog Post: Lifting Solutions for a Stone Industry Customer.

What if my building structure won’t support a crane?

While some buildings allow a crane system to be built into the structural beams, others can’t bear any further weight. We supply freestanding or floor-mounted cranes, and we work with customers to determine the best system for their workspace.

We Know Granite, Marble & Stone Cranes!

With over 50 years of experience in overhead lifting, Shupper-Brickle Equipment can help you find the right overhead material handling and lifting equipment to meet the demanding needs of your granite, marble or stone facility. We manufacture overhead bridge cranes and supply workstation cranes and gantry cranes by Gorbel and Spanco. We provide vacuum lifting devices by AnverContact us for more information on cranes for the granite and stone industry.