CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: 20-Ton Three-Runway Crane and Side Spur

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS: 20-Ton Three-Runway Crane and Side Spur

Andrew T. Litecky11/ 1/16

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In this interesting application, we solved the lifting challenge through a custom runway crane with an interlocking side spur.

Cost-Effective Custom Engineering

Custom engineering a crane doesn’t sound like a money-saving option, but with the right engineers it can lead to a simplified, cost-effective solution. A production facility in Mexico needed to remove and service process equipment from the roof of their building and lower it to the ground level. The largest piece of equipment to be handled weighed 37,900 lbs. The original proposal called for a complex monorail system with switches and curves, but the estimates came back far over budget. As an alternate design, Shupper-Brickle proposed a three-runway underhung crane system with an interlocking side spur. This custom-engineered and fabricated system provided a simplified, highly effective solution with significant cost savings.

Crane Specifications

We used our crane engineering expertise to custom-engineer and fabricate an overhead material handling solution with the following specifications:

  • 20-Ton Capacity Crane
  • 52’ Crane Span
  • 25’ Side Spur
  • 125' foot total runway
  • Drop Zone: 100 ft
  • Series 35 Acco Work Rated wire rope hoist with motor driven trolley
  • 97 feet true vertical lift
  • Mechanically operated interlock with electronic eye sensor
  • Cable Reel Electrification for hoist travel across span and side spur

Crane Engineering & Custom Overhead Material Handling Solutions 

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