Common Applications for Gantry Cranes

Common Applications for Gantry Cranes

Andrew T. Litecky9/12/23

Welcome to the Hoist Guy’s Blog! Where our resident Hoist Guy, Andrew T. Litecky, shares his experience in the overhead material handling industry to discuss gantry cranes and their common applications.

What is a Gantry Crane?

A gantry crane is a type of overhead crane that is supported by freestanding legs, rather than being tied into a buildings support structure like a bridge crane. The legs of a gantry cranes support the bridge, trolley and hoist. Smaller gantry cranes typically travel along the ground on wheels or casters. Larger gantry cranes can ride on rails or a track that’s been embedded in the finished floor.

Types of Gantry Cranes & Their Uses

With their excellent lifting capacity and many variations, gantry cranes are used for many different heavy lifting applications from small workshops to giant shipyards.

Full Gantry Crane Systems

Among the most popular configurations is the full gantry crane. Full gantry cranes have two legs that ride on a rail that has been embedded flush with the floor so scissor lifts, forklifts, carts, trucks and other motorized equipment can easily cross under it. They are often used in heavy fabrication applications and in outdoor yards such as rail yards, shipyards, scrap years.

Semi-Gantry Crane Systems (AKA Single Leg Gantry)

Semi gantry cranes are designed with one leg riding wheels on rails or the floor and the other side riding on an elevated runway system that’s connected to columns or side wall of the building’s structure. Common uses include heavy fabrication and cement applications.

Portable Gantry Crane Systems

Smaller and lighter-duty, portable gantry crane systems run on casters or rubber wheels and can be moved throughout a facility when not under load. Common uses can include lifting and holding something in place while it’s being worked on, fabricated, or assembled. They can also be used in place of a jib crane or when space flexibility is needed.

Adjustable Gantry Cranes

Adjustable gantry cranes are designed with variable height and span, allowing for greater flexibility and easier transport. It’s an excellent choice when you need to transport a gantry system in and out of a facility or through different areas of a shop.

Industries that Use Gantry Cranes

Since gantry cranes don’t need to be tied into a building’s support structure, they can fulfill a wide range of industries’ material handling needs. Common applications for gantry crane systems include:

  • Lifting and moving materials, supplies and products for manufacturing
  • Installation and placement of engines in the auto and aircraft industries
  • Move extremely heavy loads and ship parts in ship yards
  • Ship building, repair, unloading, and material movement
  • Warehouses that don’t have the space or structure to support overhead bridge cranes
  • Construction industry
  • Movement of shipping containers
  • Rented facilities where the crane cannot be permanent
  • Rooftop applications

Where to Get a Gantry Crane

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