Explosion-Proof Hoists & Cranes for Hazardous Locations

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Shupper-Brickle Equipment

Hazardous Location Hoists & Cranes

Shupper-Brickle Equipment supplies explosion-proof hoists and cranes designed specifically for hazardous environments. For operating in hazardous locations, we recommend ACCO, Electrolift, and Yale brand hoists and cranes, and we can assist you to find the correct equipment for your application.

About Explosion-Proof Hoists & Cranes

Explosion-proof hoists are designed to operate in hazardous locations as defined by the National Electric Code, including Class 1, where flammable gases are or could be present and Class 2, where combustible particles are or could be present in the atmosphere.

Built to prevent ignition of hazardous materials by containing any explosions that might occur inside the hoist, the equipment’s components are made to withstand the pressure of an internal explosion. These enclosed parts are called "explosion proof". Meanwhile, electrical components designed to operate on extremely low voltage in hazardous locations are referred to as "intrinsically safe" and usually include limit switches and controls.

Spark resistant options in bronze, copper-plating, and stainless steel are available when the risk of a spark could cause an explosion. And corrosion resistant features are available for hoists used outdoors or in harsh environments.

We Know Explosion Proof Hoists & Cranes!

With over 50 years of industry experience, we’ll help you find the right explosion-proof hoist or crane to operate safely in your extreme or hazardous location. We supply both manual and powered hoists for hazardous locations. We also provide low headroom hoists or equipment that can work within space limitations. Contact us for more information on explosion-proof hoists, bridge cranes, davit cranes or other lifting equipment. Or, learn more about our custom-engineering service.

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