Vacuum Lifters, Below-the-hook devices by Anver

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ANVER Corporation

Anver Vacuum Lifters

Anver is an American manufacturer for vacuum lifting below-the-hook devices. Vacuum lifters allow one worker to easily lift a heavy load, and tilting lifters offer flexibility to maneuver loads in the workspace.

Anver Vacuum Lifting Device Features

Anver offers a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment including horizontal lifters, powered tilters and battery powered lifters. Their vacuum lifters and below the hook lifting devices are:

  • Designed for industry standards – Anver Vacuum Lifters fully comply with the North America ASME Standards for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices and Vacuum Lifters, including all safety factors relating to structural components, electrical wiring, and product safety labeling.

  • Available in a variety of configurations – Anver vacuum lifters and tilters are available as mechanical, electric or air-powered. Configurations of two or four lifting pads are available or with a multi-pad lifting frame.

  • Ideal for specialty industries – Such as marble, granite, and stone, sheet metal handling, window and door manufacturing, wooden panel handling.

Buy Vacuum Lifters & Below the Hook Lifting Devices

Shupper-Brickle Equipment is an authorized distributor for Anver. We sell new Anver equipment as well as offer system upgrades, repairs, and OEM parts. Contact us for more information on below-the-hook lifting devices.

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