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Harrington Hoists Bridge Crane Kits

Harrington Hoists is a recognized market leader and innovator in the hoist and crane industry.  They provide a wide variety of top-quality lifting products including bridge crane kits. These Complete Crane Systems include all the components needed to quickly assemble your own bridge crane system. 

Harrington Complete Crane System Models

Harrington offers a variety of crane kit models including single and double girder, top running and underhung bridge cranes. The crane kits come pre-drilled with all necessary hardware, installation instructions, labels and bracing. The different models include:

  • Double-Girder Models:  CMTM /CMUM motorized, CMTP / CMUP push and CMTG / CMUG geared Max-E-Lift crane systems provide the maximum lifting hook height available in the industry today. This double girder bridge crane kit includes a Max-E-Lift trolley hoist that operates on top of the bridge. All Max-E-Lift systems are built to spec-specifications available per individual requirements.

  • Single Girder, Top Running Models:  CTML motorized, CTPL push and CTL geared
    complete cranes are built for the most demanding class "C" applications. They're suitable for use on ASCE crane rail or square bar and all include unique side guide rollers that significantly reduce friction providing for smooth crane travel.

  • Single Girder, Underhung Models: CUML motorized, CUP push and CUG geared complete cranes offer a space saving design and are recommended for heavy-duty, class "C" crane applications. All underhung complete crane systems are suitable for use on S, W, or patented track type beams and include unique side guide rollers that significantly reduce friction providing for smooth crane travel.

  • Medium Duty, Single Girder Model:  CHPC push complete cranes combine economy with performance and are built for medium duty crane applications. This crane kit includes convertible end trucks suitable for either top running or underhung applications.

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We Know Bridge Cranes

With over 50 years in the business, we know overhead cranes. Contact us for assistance with your crane kit application, and learn more about our custom-engineered designscrane installation and crane repair services. Looking for a DIY crane solution? Read our blog post: All About Overhead Crane Kits or check out our free overhead crane specifications.