Chain Hoists by CM

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Electric & Manual CM Hoists

With more than a century of experience providing products and solutions for industrial manufacturing and construction, the CM brand has developed a loyal following with users around the globe. From heavy-duty hoists for hazardous environments to general duty chain and hooks for commercial use, the CM name represents a legacy of expertise in the market.

CM Chain Hoist Types

CM Hoists offers a wide variety of industrial grade electric and manual chain hoists and manual lever hoists for manufacturing and construction. Contact us for information on various makes and models of CM Chain Hoists listed below or for help selecting the right chain hoist for your needs.

  • CM Electric Chain Hoists - Lodestar VS, Lodestar Classic, Lodestar NH, Lodestar XL, Shopstar, Shopstar VS, Valustar, Powerstar.

  • CM Manual Chain Hoists - Cyclone hook mount, Cyclone with Army Type Trolley, Cyclone with Low Headroom Trolley, Series 622A, Hurricane 360 hook mount, Hurricane 360 with Army Type trolley.

  • CM Manual Lever Hoists - Bandit Lever Hoist, Tornado 360, Series 640 Puller, Series 653, Series 653A, Short Handle Puller, Series 602, Series 603.

CM Hoists for Sale

Contact us for more information on CM Hoists. We supply new equipment, OEM parts and comprehensive hoist services. Since 1969, Shupper-Brickle Equipment has supplied hoists and overhead engineering to the Mid-Atlantic States and worldwide. 

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