Free Specification: Hoists to lift SCR Blocks for Power Plants

Shupper-Brickle Equipment Co5/ 3/21

Free specification for a hoist to lift SCR Blocks as part of EPA compliance for fossil fuel power plants.

Free Bridge Crane Specifications

Shupper-Brickle Equipment2/ 1/21

Shupper-Brickle Equipment is pleased to provide these free Engineering Specifications for a top running single girder bridge crane and underhung single girder bridge crane, compliant with ANSI B30, OSHA, the AWS and the NEC.

Hoist Shelter Specification

Shupper-Brickle Equipment Co1/31/19

A Hoist Shelter protects your outdoor hoisting equipment from the elements. Our free specification allows you to build this critical protective device into your project spec.