Wire Ropes for Hoists & Cranes

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Shupper-Brickle Equipment

Shupper-Brickle Equipment offers original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement wire ropes for all brands of hoists and overhead cranesContact us for questions on replacement wire ropes or call our Parts Department at (800) 642-7263.

Important Safety Tips:

• The wire rope on a hoist must be replaced with the same part number and the same brand as originally provided on the hoist.
• For maximum safety, the wire rope must be replaced when even one strand of wire is broken. Refer to OSHA guidelines for construction (1926.1413) for more defined instances of deficiencies.
• Broken strands may be detected by allowing the wire rope to pass through a gloved hand holding a rag. The broken strand will catch on the rag.

Important ordering information:

• Wire ropes are usually custom-cut to length and not returnable.
• Lead times vary by the manufacturer from 3 days for a rush order to 2 weeks.
• We recommend keeping extra wire ropes on hand to avoid down time.

Please note that information such as the length, diameter, and construction of wire ropes is proprietary and not disclosed by the manufacturer.

We supply replacement wire ropes for models such as: Coffing EMW, Coffing WR, Coffing Cable Ratchet Lever, Chester Worm Drive, Electrolift Single Hook, Electrolift Twin Hook, Harrington RHA, Harrington RHN, Konecranes EXCXT, Konecranes CXT, R&M Spacemaster EX, R&M SX, R&M QX modular cranes, Saturn wire rope hoists, Shawbox 700 Series, Shawbox 800 Series, Shawbox World Series, Yale Cable King, Yale Global King, Yale Lode King, Yale Y800, and many others.

We specialize in manual, electric, or air-powered wire rope hoists and their components. Ever wondered: What's Killing My Wire Rope? Check out The Hoist Guy's Blog post on the topic! Or, learn more about Hoist Breakdown Prevention & Planning.