Patented Track Accessories

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Shupper-Brickle Equipment

Shupper-Brickle provides custom-engineering and turnkey installation of patented track systems, including all related accessories. We represent patented track manufacturers Louden, Trambeam, and Cleveland Tramrail, and we have experience across a variety of applications and industries.

Patented Track is specifically designed and made for overhead material handling. Part of its beauty is the use of accessories to expand the system’s uses and cut back on costly rehandling (for example, using a dolly or conveyor between production areas).

Types of Patented Track Accessories:

  • Track Switches –Track switches guide load carriers from one track to another. They can be manually operated or motorized. Track switches are engineered for precise alignment and frequent usage.

  • Interlocks – Interlocks allows loads to safely transfer between adjacent cranes or monorails. They create the possibility of movement between production areas, shipping bays, and buildings.

  • Trolleys – Patented track trolleys provide movement of the load along the beam at a steady height (to move the load vertically, add a hoist). Trolleys can be manually pushed or motorized and are available with special features such as spark resistance.

  • Drives – Motorized or tractor drives propel the carrier along the track. They’re especially useful for moving a load up an incline or in wet conditions and can be gear driven or belt driven.

We have extensive experience both designing and installing patented track monorail systems and patented track bridge cranes. Our service area includes New Jersey, the Greater New York City area, the Greater Philadelphia area, Delaware, and Eastern Shore Maryland.  We ship equipment and components across the country and worldwide.

We know overhead material handling! Learn more about our Custom-Built Bridge Cranes, In-house Engineering Services, or read a recent patented track case study on our blog.

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