Wire Rope Hoists by Acco Wright

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Acco Material Handling Solutions

ACCO WRIGHT Wire Rope Hoist

ACCO Material Handling Solutions offers the WRIGHT family of Wire Rope Hoists featuring SPEEDWAY and WORK-RATED hoists. The WRIGHT brand is synonymous with quality, performance, and durability.

Wire rope hoists are an excellent choice for easy load handling, repeated duty cycles, and advanced lifting capabilities. This line of electric wire rope hoists offers advanced designs and the most current duty cycle and safety requirements that meet industry standards. We offer solutions for enhanced safety needs, including for hazardous environments, spark resistance and close-headroom designs.

WRIGHT family of Wire Rope Hoists

Find the perfect solution for your material handling requirements with ACCO Material Handlings Solutions’ WRIGHT family of Wire Rope Hoists, available in the following models:

  • WRIGHT SPEEDWAY Hoists (1-5 Tons)
  • WRIGHT WORK-RATED Hoists (1-25 Tons)
  • WRIGHT Hazardous Environment Hoists

ACCO Wright Hoists for Sale

Shupper-Brickle represents Wright brand products by ACCO Material Handling Solutions including Speedway, Wire Rope Hoists, Work-Rated Wire Rope Hoists, Heavy-Rated Wire Rope Hoists, end trucks, trolleys, and tractor drives. We also provide parts and service for ACCO hoists.

Contact us to discuss your application for durable, American-made ACCO hoists. Learn more about wire rope hoists on The Hoist Guy's Blog, answering questions like What's Killing My Wire Rope?What is True Vertical Lift? and What should I know about American-Made vs Imported Wire Rope Hoists?