Wire Rope Hoists by R&M Materials Handling

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R&M Materials Handling

R&M Materials Handling Hoists

Improve the flow and productivity of your operations with R&M Materials Handling. They have over 90 years of experience in the overhead crane, electric chain hoist and wire rope hoist industries. R&M Materials Handling has a reputation for safety, reliability and performance when it comes to their wire rope hoists and OEM replacement parts.  

R&M Wire Rope Hoist Types

Whether you need a standard wire rope hoist, or a specially designed heavy lifting winch, R&M can serve you. They offer a variety of wire rope hoists that include:

  • The low headroom SX
  • The hazardous location hoist Spacemaster EX
  • The ControlMaster Anti-sway System, an option for the QX modular crane package

R&M Materials Handling Hoists for Sale

Shupper-Brickle Equipment is an authorized distributor of R&M Materials Handling hoists, including all models, OEM replacement parts and repair, maintenance and training servicesContact us for more information on R&M Materials handling wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists or crane kits. Or learn more about wire rope hoists by reading our Hoist Guy's Blog, including posts on What's Killing My Wire Rope? and True Vertical Lift for Precise Lifting