LC015-10 Lever Chain Hoist, LC Series, 10 ft Lift 1.5T capacity


SKU: LC015-10 All Material Handling

Looking for an affordable lever hoist with all the best features? All Material Handling’s LC Series offers exceptional quality and value.

The LC Series is available in capacities of 3/4 to 6 Tons and in standard lifts of 5, 10, or 20 Ft.

Key features:

·         Easy One Hand Operation & Setup  -Short ratchet strokes of a non-slip rubber grip lever and 360 degrees rotation requires minimal space for operation and requires 20-30% less pull force than others.

·         Operation in any orientation is assured by the horseshoe-shaped chain guard, keeping the load chain in contact with the lift wheel.

·         Superior internal parts are heat-treated for strength and reliability. All gearing is fully enclosed to protect from contamination and the lift wheel is machined for smooth operation.

·         Automatic Weston style mechanical load brake with double pawls and asbestos-free brake discs never require adjustment. The brake will react to inertia by descending the load (regardless of operator setting).

·         Drop forged Ally hooks are designed to stretch before chain failure when overloaded. The top hook articulates to aid in rigging.

·         Optional Overload Protection at approximately 175% WLL

·         Meets industry standards including: ASM B30.21, OSHA, NASA-STD-8719.9


Model # LC015-10 features 1.5 Ton capacity and 10 ft of lift.

All Model LC’s feature grade 80 zinc plated alloy chain. Every unit is proof tested at minimum of 1.25 the WLL and shipped with a load test certificate as well as an operation manual in English, Spanish, and French.

Ask us if you need:

·         Shipyard hook option

·         Custom chain lifts or bulk chain

·         Optional Overload Protection Device

To Place your order:
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