ED525DSA ED Single Phase Hoist 525 lb Capacity, 10 ft lift, 44 FPM lifting speed (Dual Speed Adjustable)


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Harrington Hoists ED-DSA Electric Chain Hoists

Harrington Hoists ED series of electric chain hoists offer a powerful, versatile tool with a variety of options. They have low headroom designs and offer a wide variety of lifting speeds. The convenience of single-phase power makes this hoist ideal for both commercial and industrial applications.

The ED-DSA series has the infinity pendant which provides precise load positioning. The control allows small, awkward loads to be handled with ease. ED series hoists are available in capacities of 125 lbs to 1050 lbs, with a standard 10’ lift, and voltage of 120-1-160. A plastic chain container is standard. This is their 525 lb capacity hoist with 10 ft of lift, dual adjustable lifting speeds and infinity pendant.

ED-DSA Electric Chain Hoist Features

Harrington Hoists ED-DSA electric chain hoist is a powerful, quick-lifting, single-phase tool. The compact DC motor reduces weight, generates less heat, and maintains duty cycles to keep production moving. Model #ED525DSA features 525 lb capacity, 10 ft of lift, and dual adjustable lifting speeds with infinity pendant (high speed: 44 FPM, low speed: 10 FPM). Additional key features of this hoist include:

  • Double Braking System provides extra safety with a Weston-style mechanical load brake and a regenerative brake. Standard upper limit switch prevents overlifting.
  • Compact Design for easy installation and storage, lightweight & low headroom.
  • Heavy Duty Motor – DC motor with rectifier for AC current reduces weight, generates less heat and maintains duty cycles.
  • Suspension Options include standard hook mount or an optional trolley mount.
  • Benefits of the Dual Speed Infinity (DSA) Models include customizable Speed Adjustment and the Heavy Duty Metal Hinged Cover protects the pendant knobs from damage.

Buy Harrington Electric Chain Hoists

As an authorized distributor for Harrington Hoists, Shupper-Brickle Equipment sells and services all Harrington hoists including the 525 LB ED-DSA dual speed chain hoist. Contact us for hoist and crane sales, comprehensive services, expert engineering, special features or upgrades such as:

  • Trolley Mounting
  • Additional lift or pendant length
  • Power supply length over 16’ standard

Order your Harrington ED525DSA single phase chain hoist by contacting us through this website or by calling 800-642-7263.

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Helpful Harrington Hoists Downloads

Check out these helpful downloads for additional information on Harrington’s ED series of electric chain hoists.

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