AMH-PT030 Push Type Hook-On Trolley 3 Ton Capacity


SKU: AMH-PT030 All Material Handling

All Material Handling, a quality imported brand stocked for shipment in the US, calls its model PT push trolley “The easiest trolley installation ever!”

Key features:

·         Capacities of ½ to 30 tons. Half ton to 5 ton installation and adjustment by rotating the threaded hanger shaft. Ten ton to 30 ton installation from one side with trolley hanger shafts fix mounted to the opposite side plate

·         Machined cast iron wheels for universal tread design to fit flat or tapered beam flanges

·         Durable all steel construction with standard safety lugs

·         When pairing with a hoist trolleys up to 5 tons have a 5:1 design factor and can be used with a manual or powered hoist.

·         Meets industry standards including: ASME/ANSI B30.16, OSHA, NASA-STD-8719.9

·         For limited use in Hazardous Environments: See ATEX rated EX II 3 GD c IIB 54 degrees C X.


Model # AMH-PT030 features 3 -Ton capacity. Every All Material Handling model PT push trolley has a low headroom design and precision sealed “lubed for life” bearings.

Ask us if you need:

·         A hoist that pairs with this trolley

·         Wide Flange Kits

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