Wire Rope Hoists by Harrington

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Harrington Hoists

Harrington's wire rope hoist models are designed for safety, reliability and performance in a range of capacities and configurations.

  • Model RH 3 Phase Wire Rope Hoist - capacities 2 to 20 Tons, model options include deck mounted, base mounted or lug suspension, standard headroom or ultra-low headroom hoist & trolley configurations.

  • Model RY ultra-low headroom Wire Rope Hoists - H4 duty rating for high demand applications, standard dual-speed VFD controls, capacities of 3, 5, 7.5 & 10 Tons, no load high speed function.
Shupper-Brickle is an authorized distributor of Harrington wire rope hoists. Contact us for new equipment, upgrades, inspections & repairs, and warranty service.