Variable Frequency Drives by Power Electronics

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Power Electronics International

Variable Frequency Drives for Hoists & Overhead Cranes

Power Electronics International Inc is a world-class manufacturer of Variable Frequency Drives for hoists and overhead cranes. Their equipment is known across the globe for its high reliability and quality. PE's including Micro-Speed® variable frequency drives are known to be the most reliable in the industry. Their other hoist and crane equipment products include Smooth-Move® reduced torque control units, and Multi-Vector® drives.

Benefits of PE VFDs

Power Electronics started designing variable frequency drives and A.C. soft-starts specifically for crane in Chicago, Illinois in 1969. For more than 50 years, they’ve maintained the highest product quality and reliability standards that were set by their founder, Victor J. Habisohn. The reasons PE variable frequency drives are preferred for overhead crane and hoisting equipment include:  

  • Engineered, Designed & Manufactured in the U.S.A.
  • Specifically engineered for Crane & Hoist use.
  • Not a modified “generic” product designed for another application.
  • High reliability circuitry not requiring extra parts or cards to “make it work”.
  • Upgrade-Path Philosophy (sm) – Drives are upward compatible with newer units in both software familiarity (Gang-Set®) and physical sizing – including Multi-Vector®.

Crane & Hoist Equipment for Sale

Shupper-Brickle is an authorized distributor for Power Electronics and highly recommends their variable frequency drives (VFD) for cranes and hoists. Since 1969, weve provided hoists, cranes and a variety of accessories and equipment as well as custom engineered lifting solutions. For more information on Power Electronics VFDs or how you can get better control of your lifting equipment, contact us through this website or call 800-642-7263.

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