Manual Chain Hoists & Trolleys by Harrington

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Harrington Hoists

Manual Harrington Chain Hosts & Trolleys

Harrington's manual chain hoists and trolleys combine heavy-duty construction with top-of-the-line components to meet the needs of demanding industrial applications. Harrington’s hoists are built to withstand rugged, day-in, day-out use.  In addition to offering Harrington manual chain hoists, we are pleased to provide OEM repair parts and comprehensive hoist services like maintenance and warranty repairs. 

Harrington Manual Chain Hoist Models

Harrington manual chain hoists and trolleys come in a variety of capacities and styles. Contact us for information on specific models listed below or for help selecting the right manual chain hoist or trolley for your needs. 

  • LB Lever Chain Hoist
  • CB Hand Chain Hoist
  • CF Hand Chain Hoist
  • NTH Navy Trolley Hoist
  • LX Mini Lever Hoist
  • CX Mini Hand Chain Hoist
  • SHB Ultra Low Headroom Trolley Hoist
  • PT/GT Manual Trolleys
  • RCB Spark Resistant Manual Hoists

Harrington Manual Chain Hoists for Sale

Shupper-Brickle is an authorized distributor for Harrington Hoists manual chain models. Since 1969, we've provided hoists, cranes, and custom lifting solutions. Contact us for questions on your application.

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