Gorbel G-Force Intelligent Lifting Device

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Assisted Lifting Device for Gorbel Cranes

Gorbel’s G-Force® Intelligent Lifting Device offers an affordable and innovative way to enhance and achieve balance between productivity, profitability, and safety.  The Assisted Lifting Device mimics arm speed and motion to provide a unique method for lifting very heavy loads with precision and control. It uses human intelligence and adaptability for guidance, but the work is done by the lifting device filling the void between traditional lifting devices and completely automated solutions. The G-Force pairs with Gorbel crane systems, including Gorbel workstation cranes and Gorbel gantry cranes.

Features of Gorbel's G-Force Easy Arm

Gorbel’s G-Force Intelligent Lifting Devices deliver unmatched lifting precision and speed using exclusive patented technology and an industrial processor-controlled servo drive system. The easy arm maximizes productivity while minimizing the risk of injury to your operators. Key features of Gorbel’s G-Force assisted lifting device include:

  • Capacities of 165, 330, 660 and 1320 lbs
  • Speeds up to 200 FPM
  • Ergonomic lifting & load manipulation
  • Float Mode allows operators precisely orient loads
  • Anti-Recoil Technology prevents sudden movements and recoiling
  • Infinite Speed Control for applications that require multiple speeds in a cycle
  • Power Loss Protection locks the unit in place in case of power loss
  • Higher environmental ratings mean the unit is more tolerant of dust and liquid.

Buy Gorbel G-Force Lifting Devices

Gorbel has manufactured workstation cranes, jibs and gantry cranes since 1977. They offer a portfolio of overhead lifting equipment designed to enhance productivity, profitability and safety. Shupper-Brickle represents Gorbel and supplies the G-Force Intelligent Lifting Devices as well as Gorbel Cranes. Our experienced service team provides inspections, repairs and turn-key installation for all Gorbel products.

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