Electric Platform Motorized Cart, 1500 lb Capacity

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Lift Products Inc

Moto Cart by Lift Products, Inc.

Electric platform carts can be used in a wide variety of workplaces from warehouses and offices to mailrooms and hospitals. Shupper-Brickle offers the Moto-Cart by Lift Products, Inc.

Lift Products’ electric Moto-Carts feature intuitive roller grip controls with infinitely variable speed as well as maximum throttle controls for safe and maneuverable operation. They are able to go in to and out of elevators and can climb inclines from 6 to 8 degrees, depending on the model. For applications that require materials to not only be transported but also be vertically positioned, they offer a number of different electric carts with lift.

Moto-Cart Features

Lift Products Inc’s electric motorized platform and lifting carts are available in a variety of duties to accommodate the frequent material handling needs in many workplaces. ergonomic needs in the workplace. Standard Moto-Cart features include:

  • 1,500 lb capacity
  • Self-Propelled, battery operated
  • Reduces injuries caused by pushing and pulling nonpowered carts
  • Ideal for use in office buildings, hospitals, schools, tool rooms, parts departments.
  • Options to customize include mail room racks, flip up shelving, oxygen cylinder racks.

Buy Lift Products Inc. Moto Carts

Contact us for motorized carts by Lift Products Inc, in a range of models and options. As an authorized distributor we are proud to offer their Moto-Cart as well as their ergonomic lift tables. Since 1969, Shupper-Brickle has supplied custom-engineered material handling solutions to the Mid-Atlantic States and worldwide. Our experienced sales engineers can assist in finding the right lifting equipment for your application. Contact us for more information on motorized carts.