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Overhead Hoist Control Panels, Upgrades & Parts

Enhance your control with Power Electronics and a customized or pre-engineered overhead hoist control panel. PE is a world leader when it comes to VFDs, crane controls and heavy-duty hoist speed controls. Their equipment is known around the world for its high quality and reliability. If you are upgrading your hoist motor controls with a VFD, Power Electronics offers ready-to-go and pre-wired hoist control panels to make your installation quick and easy. As an authorized PE crane and hoist parts supplier with over 50 years of experience, Shupper-Brickle Equipment can assist you in finding the right control for your overhead lifting needs.

Power Electronics Standard Hoist Control Panels

Designed and manufactured in the USA, all PE hoist control panels are fully customizable for quick and easy installation. Their standard hoist control panels include:

  • A Micro-Speed® Variable Frequency Drive, a closed-loop Vector drive, or contactor motor controls
  • Panels available for all voltages: 208-230, 385-415, 460, and 575VAC; VFDs programmable for 50, 60, or 120 Hz
  • Standard Allen-Bradley control components, or optional other brands
  • NEMA Type 12 enclosures standard (sized per requirement)
  • Branch Fusing and Motor Thermal Overload Protection standard (designed to NEC specifications)
  • Braking contactors as required
  • Components mounted on a removable sub-panel
  • Panel wiring 105°C computer-generated labels on both ends
  • Common raised terminal strip to ease installation
  • Duct channels covering main wire runs
  • Factory inspected and fully tested
  • Regeneration resistors built-in or included, where applicable
  • Control panel wiring schematics, operations manuals, and Bill of Materials included
  • CDMA Duty A, B, C, D (standard); E, F, and Long Lift (L) available
  • UL/cUL labeling available

Note: Hoist applications require a load brake, or else they will require our Closed-Loop Vector-Style Hoist Drive and an encoder.

Multiple-Motion Control Panels & VFDs

If you need a panel with a mainline disconnect, a mainline contactor, and/or a control transformer, or if you would like to combine your hoist panel with your trolley motion controls, Power Electronics offers Multiple-Motion control panel, including any combination of VFD's, soft-start's or contactor motor controls.

Hoist Control Panel Upgrade Options

If you need it in your control panel, Power Electronics probably offers it. All their hoist control panels are fully customizable to accommodate your specific application needs. Common hoist control panel upgrades options include:

  • NEMA 4, NEMA 4X (Stainless, Fiberglass), NEMA 7 or 9 Explosion-proof type Enclosures Available
  • Plug connections for easy hook-up
  •  Pilot lights, flashing strobe warning lights, and warning alarms/horns
  • Anti-condensation panel heaters (recommended for outdoor enclosures), enclosure air-conditioners
  •  Radio-ready panels, radios pre-installed in panels, door-mounted radio/pendant transfer switches
  •  A/B Logic control relays

Hoist Parts, Upgrades & Repairs

Shupper-Brickle Equipment represent Power Electronics and offers control panels, hoist control upgrades, OEM replacement parts and repairs. Since 1969, we’ve provided hoists, cranes and a variety of accessories, parts and equipment as well as custom engineered lifting solutions. Contact us with questions on new equipment, installation, upgrades, repairs or operator training. To learn more about VFDs and other ways to control your crane, read our blog post: What Crane Controls Can Do For You