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Coffing Hoists

Coffing Hoists Electric, Hand & Lever Chain Hoists

Performance you can count on, Coffing Hoists are widely recognized in manufacturing plants across the globe. Coffing Hoists offers a diverse range of lifting and positioning products, including manual and powered hoists and trolleys that are both economical and user-friendly. In addition to providing new Coffing hoists, we are pleased to offer OEM repair parts and comprehensive hoist services like maintenance and warranty repairs. 

Coffing Hoists Featured Lines

From small manually operated hand and lever hoists to large electric chain hoists, Coffing Hoists offers wide range of products to meet any lifting, pulling or rigging needs. Here are their featured lines. Contact us for information on specific models or series listed below or for help selecting the right hand, lever or electric chain hoist for your needs.  

  • JLC Electric Chain Hoists
  • EC-V Electric Chain Hoists
  • LHH Hand Chain Hoists
  • G Series Lever Hoist
  • LSB Lever Hoist

Coffing Hoists for Sale

Shupper-Brickle is an authorized distributor of Coffing electric chain hoists, hand chain hoists and lever chain hoists. Contact us for Coffing Hoists, OEM repair parts, and comprehensive hoist services.

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