Cable Reels by Conductix-Wamphler

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Conductix-Wampfler designs and manufactures both Spring-Driven Cable Reels and Motorized Cable Reels for commercial and industrial applications.  Conductix has been designing and building industrial reels since 1945, and brands over the years have included Industrial Electric Reels (IER), Spring-O-Matic, PowerReel®, and Wampfler.

Spring-Driven Cable Reel models include:
the VersaReel, the 1200 Series PowerReel, 1400 Series Power Reel, 1500 Series Hazardous Duty Cable Reel, 1900-2400 Series PowerReel, 3200-3600 Series PowerReel, RhinoReel Mill Duty, Welding Cable Reel, Grounding/Static Discharge Cable Reel, Series 6100 Galvanized "BEF" type spring reel.

Motor-Driven Cable Reel models include: VersaReel Bluetooth Motorized Cable Reel, Compact C Series, Heavy Load HL Series, HIgh Dynamic HD Series, Long Range LR Series, 

Shupper-Brickle represents Condutix-Wamphler and can answer your questions on Spring-Driven or Motorized Cable Reels. We supply new equipment, components and comprehensive services. Ask us about customized configurations or contact us to discuss your application.

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