C-Hook coil lifters by Caldwell Lifting Solutions

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Caldwell Lifting Solutions

Caldwell C-Hooks

Founded in 1954, Caldwell Lifting Solutions is the leading manufacturer of below the hook lifting devices. They provide some of the best, most effective material handling solutions available for complex and common material handling applications. Their long-lasting equipment and innovative solutions work to increase productivity in a safe and efficient manner. 

Caldwell C-Hook Features

Caldwell's C-Hooks are designed to handle coils in the eye horizontal position and are available in a wide range of capacities, coil sizes, and design styles. Their C-Hooks are custom designed per application and offer the following key product features.

  • High tensile strength alloy steel plate minimizes physical size
  • Counter balanced to hang level when empty
  • Inside radius on hooks avoid coil edge contact
  • Curved coil support on lower arm is standard
  • Guide handles for ease of coil positioning
  • Handles a wide range of coil widths

C-Hook Options

Caldwell’s C-Hooks are custom designed to provide the most effective solution to your specific lifting needs. The following options and customizations are available for their below the hook lifting equipment:

  • Replaceable urethane facing available for additional coil protection
  • Recessed counterweight for close stacking
  • Long carrying arm style for multiple slit coils
  • High temperature environment capability
  • Storage stand

Caldwell C-Hooks for Sale

As an authorized distributor for Caldwell Lifting Solutions, contact Shupper-Brickle for more information on Caldwell C-Hooks as well as Strong-Bac® - Below the Hook Lifters, Univac® - Vacuum Lifters and other specialty lifting products by Caldwell.

Since 1969, Shupper-Brickle has supplied custom-engineered material handling solutions to the Mid-Atlantic States and worldwide. Our experienced sales engineers can assist in finding the right lifting equipment for your application.