Air-Powered Hoists by JD Neuhaus

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JD Neuhaus

J.D. Neuhaus manufacturers high quality air-chain hoists, built to withstand high duty cycles and challenging environmental conditions. 

Manufacturers all over the world rely on the precision and the robust reliability of pneumatic solutions. Their unique compact modular design not only saves space, but above all saves time and money.

The patented J.D. Neuhaus pneumatic drive system, rated for 100% duty cycle, provides fast lifting and lowering speeds paired with smooth variable speed operation via a low resistance, ergonomic control station design which can be integrated into below the hook tooling and custom lifting systems, including explosive areas like paint booths.

The modular design with fewer wear components reduces the number of inspection points and time spent performing maintenance activities. Routine maintenance and replacement of critical wear items can be completed quickly without removing the hoist from the application.

J.D. Neuhaus product lines include: PROFI Air Hoists, Air Hoists mini, mini Manipulators, Trolleys, Monorail Air Hoists, Big Bag Handling Air Hoists, PFROFI Hydraulic Hoists, Hydraulic Monorail Hoists, Subsea Hoists, and Cryogenic Hoists.

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