902968 Filter Regulator Lubricator Unit, 24 oz bowl size, 3/4" Inlet/outlet size


SKU: 902968 CM

FRL Air Processing Units

Air hoists require a supply of clean, lubricated air for proper operation. Filter Regulator Lubricator (FLR) Air Processing Units can compress and filter air before delivering it to your air hoist. The FRL should be installed along the air supply line as close as practical to the hoist. The combination unit can regulate the air pressure ensuring proper psig, filter out contaminates such as dirt, water and oil, and provide lubrication to improve performance and reduce wear.

902968 FRL Specifications

The Filter Regulator Lubricator Unit can supply your air chain hoist with clean lubricated air. This FRL specifications include:

  • 3/4-inch Inlet / Outlet
  • 24-ounce Bowl Size
  • 18 shipping weight
  • Recommended air pressure is 90 psig

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