43942513 Longer Lift Chain Containers for AirStar 6 - Spark Resistant Link Chain Container - 23" length


SKU: 43942513 CM

CM AirStar 6 Hoist Chain Containers 

With over a century innovative products and solutions, Columbus McKinnon has changed the material handling industry. Their CM brand AirStar 6 is a lightweight air hoist that’s powerful enough for many industrial applications. It is recommended that a chain container is used AirStar 6 air hoist to keep the tail chain up and out of the way wherever there is a risk of it fouling the load or looping.

CM hoist part number 43942513 is a longer lift chain container for use with the CM AirStar 6 air chain hoists. It has a length of 23 inches and a low headroom design. The chain container is designed to feed the chain in and out without it kinking or twisting. When using a long lift chain container, link chain hoists must be lug suspended and cross mounted and the chain container is supported from trolley suspension pins.  

43942513 Hoist Chain Container Specs

The CM Hoist Part 43942513 is a longer lift, spark resistant link chain container. It can be used with CM AirStar 6 model air chain hoists. 

Manufacturer: CMCO Columbus McKinnon

For use with: CM® Airstar 6, Budgit 6000 series, Yale KALC Air Hoists

Country of Origin: United States

Special Features: Spark and Corrosion Resistant

Maximum Hoist Lift: 120 ft, 5/16” chain               

Hoist Capacity: 1/2 Ton

Product Dimensions:  23” high x 10-1/2” wide

Special Mounting: Chain hoists using this chain container must be lug suspended and cross mounted.

Stock Status: Available for factory order, 2-4 week lead time

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