Shupper-Brickle offers Preventative Maintenance Programs


Would you drive your car without changing the oil until it stopped running? You probably wouldn’t, but that’s how some operations treat their hoists and cranes. Regular inspections and routine maintenance are key to extending the lifetime and peak performance of your overhead material handling equipment.



Preventative Maintenance (PM) is a pre-planned schedule for conducting inspections and as-needed repairs on your equipment. These might include oil changes, lubrication, replacement/repair of worn parts, or a partial or complete overhaul of the equipment.



The benefits of a PM Program include improved reliability of your equipment and a decrease in downtime, especially due to emergency breakdowns. Through a PM program, easily avoidable problems are quickly identified and many hazardous situations are avoided.



Concerned about the cost of a PM program? In this economy, it’s essential to justify every expense. Shupper-Brickle will work to develop a PM program that is within your budget and designed to prevent costly stoppages, system failures, and unscheduled downtime. Additionally, our Operator Training classes promote safe and proper use of your equipment and the early identification of potential problems.



For a customized quote on a Preventative Maintenance Program, contact Shupper-Brickle’s Service Department:

800-64CRANE or 609-259-1223

FAX: 609-259-2377



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