Hazardous Location Specs Can Never Be Optional


Welcome to the Hoist Guy's blog! For hazardous location hoists, the National Electric Code specifies Division I and Division II. We can help you to determine the right equipment for your environment.

by Andrew T. Litecky posted on October 31, 2017

We recently received an RFQ for a hazardous location hoist and crane to meet National Electric Code, Article 500 standards. The customer specified Division II compliance, but later asked, if we could also provide an “optional” Division I quote. However, the NEC is specific, and these divisions are never options.

The National Electric Code (NEC) defines hazardous locations, Division I and Division II, in their Article 500. In Division I hazardous locations, the explosive substance is present in the air at all times during normal working conditions. In Division II hazardous locations, the explosive substance is present, either in small quantities or upon accidental release.

When determining the equipment to be used, the area is either Division I or Division II and there is no “optional”. Placing Division II equipment in a Division I area is dangerous to all involved and a catastrophic event could take place. Placing Division I equipment in a Division II area would not be dangerous but would incur needless costs.

Shupper-Brickle Equipment specializes in overhead cranes and hoists for a variety of specialty applications. Contact us for questions about your hazardous location and the right equipment to meet your specs. Or, read more from The Hoist Guy's Blog including another post about an explosion-proof application.Hazardous Location Overhead Lifting

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