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by Andrew T. Litecky posted on November 30, 2018

When you need a quick-shipping hoist, a variety of manufacturers have stock to meet your needs. Looking for an electric chain hoist by tomorrow? We recommend the LX model by Street Crane. It’s ready to ship from Houston, Texas by tomorrow. How about a wire rope hoist? The Wright Workrated and Speedway models by ACCO MHS are stocked for quick delivery.

But what if your overhead lifting situation is more complex and you’re crunched for time?

We recently took a call from a desperate operations manager of a galvanizing plant in this type of situation. He had just learned that his order to a major hoist manufacturer was delayed by 8 weeks. He desperately needed two hoists with an expedited delivery to keep up production and avoid a shutdown.

The application was complicated by a several factors. It required a 5 ton capacity hoist with thirty feet of lift. There was high heat due to the galvanizing line and a patented track system with 90-degree curves, a 6’ radius, and web mounted conductor bar. The manager requested we supply two hoists that could handle these requirements and would reach him in 10 days.

With nearly five decades in the industry, we reviewed our network of overhead material handling suppliers and located manufacturers with equipment in stock that met all requirements. We pulled these components together and pushed an engineered fabrication through our crane shop to get the delivery out on time in 10 days.

Days 1- 3:

To solve the customer’s problem, we started with a Street Crane H-4 duty hoist with a liftspeed of 20/6 FPM and a standard lift of 32 ft. The standard temperature range is good for 120 degrees Fahrenheit. These hoists were in stock in Houston, and with expedited shipping, reached our shop by day 3.

Days 3 -5:

The Street factory-installed controls were left in place, but the trolley wheels were designed for a straight wide flange beam. Since the customer’s application ran on patented track, the wheels were removed, and we prepared the unit to run on a Cleveland Tramrail drive and idler trolleys that are engineered to negotiate a 6’ radius.  Our fab shop adapted the hoist by using a load bar welded to a specialized frame and then bolted to the hoist, using the holes left by the trolley wheels. The fabrication in our crane shop was finished and painted in about 5 working days.

Days 6-9:

The Cleveland Tramrail drive and idler trolleys were received at our shop by day 6. We wired the drive to the existing Street trolley variable frequency drive and installed the trolley wheels. Final assembly and wiring took place on Day 8 and testing was done on day 9.

Day 10: Our very relieved customer receives the equipment and avoided a shut down.


Street Crane Wire Rope Hoist model ZX shown in 10-Ton Capacity

After 50 years in the business, we know overhead material handling! Contact us for more information on your standard or specialized application. We will work to find the equipment that meets your budget and specification.

Shupper-Brickle Equipment supplies a variety of overhead lifting equipment, such as bridge cranes and hoists, along with related services. Contact us for more information.

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