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Since 1969, Shupper-Brickle Equipment Company has provided overhead material handling
equipment, replacement parts, and comprehensive services to customers in the Mid-Atlantic
Would you be prepared for a hoist breakdown in your production space? Read our post on strategies for prevention and planning for a hoist breakdown. More
With nearly 50 years in the business, we have a lot of nifty old-school diagrams on material handling physics. Check out this quick primer on the mechanical advantage created by different wire rope configurations on wire rope hoists. More
Do you need a hoist with double reeving? And what is "True Vertical Lift"? Read our blog post to learn applications and options for precision lifting. More

What's the difference between bridge cranes and gantry cranes?  Read our blog post to learn the right equipment for your application.


Need to improve material handling safety and efficiency?  Read our blog post to see how remote controls can boost the productivity of your whole system and learn how Shupper-Brickle provided a unique system for a specialty application.


Think all jib cranes are the same? As this case study proves, using the right jib crane mounting style can affect your bottom line.

Hoists for air-powered applications are in a distinct category from electric or manually powered hoists, and buyers should take care. Here are five questions to ask when buying an air hoist. More

After a year when so much was said about the importance of American manufacturing, understanding the differences between American-made hoists and foreign brands is key.


Need an overhead crane on a budget? A crane kit can be a cost-saving solutions for customers willing to "DIY", but what's included in a kit? When do they work best? Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about crane kits.


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