Overhead Material Handling Support for Architect & Engineering Firms

When large projects call for overhead material handling equipment, such as bridge cranes and hoists, Shupper-Brickle offers support to architects and engineers to find the best-suited  equipment for the job. We use our industry experience and specialization to help you determine the most cost-effective solution for your client.

Our experience includes:
  •  Stainless steel equipment for the Pharmaceutical and Foodservice industries
  •  Adding value-plus safety features to new equipment
  •  Long-lift applications
  •  Weather proofing
  •  Extreme Duty Cycles

Looking for a customized solution? Our in-house engineering department offers innovative solutions, engineering studies, and structural services.  Check out The Hoist Guy's Blog including real life examples of creative material handling engineering and systems customized to spec.

Visit our Knowledge Base for Free Bridge Crane Specifications. Learn the Top 5 Rules for Architects, Engineers, and Planners. Call or email us for information on our Lunch & Learn Seminars, a technical class on hoisting and overhead material handling equipment taught at your location.

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