The Top 5 Rules of Overhead Material Handling for Architects, Engineers and Planners


5) A picture is worth a thousand words. Request an isometric drawing showing the spans, clearances, configurations and hook coverage.  The isometric drawing is the engineer's best tool when trying to explain hoists and cranes to a lay person.

4) Knowledge is power.  If your firm’s engineering department is short on hoist and crane experience, order a "Lunch & Learn” seminar from Shupper-Brickle Equipment. Munch on a sandwich while you learn about hoists and cranes, including how OSHA/ANSI/NEC standards apply to a hoist, price niches and much more. The time and money will be well spent.

3) First things first. If you’re ever in a long planning and scheduling meeting, please share the following: The bridge crane and the hoists always go in before the HVAC, plumbing, sprinklers, electrical conduit, cable trays or lights. It is amazing how many times we have seen this rule ignored, and how many HVAC ducts, pipes, sprinkler heads, conduit, cable trays and lights that have had to be moved in order for the bridge crane or monorail hoist to operate. Everyone involved in the project should keep this rule in mind.

2) Give your customer what they want. Always tailor the specified equipment to the needs and usage of the customer's application. This may sound like a given, but beware the allure of time and money saved in using a pre-formulated or recycled specification. It will almost certainly come back to haunt you.

1) Garbage in… Garbage Out.  No matter what else you do, start with a good, clean specification. This includes scope of supply, precise measurements, and environmental conditions – all details where small changes make a huge difference in the timeline and cost. Your efforts beforehand will be directly reflected in the end result and the customer’s satisfaction.


With over 40 years of experience in overhead material handling, Shupper-Brickle Equipment specializes in projects of all sizes. We can answer questions on your spec or help you to execute the elements. Click here to learn more about our Architect & Engineering Firm Support services or click to contact us.

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